• The Creatrix .

Late 16th century; earliest use found in Richard Barnfield (d. 1620), poet. From classical Latin creātrīx mother, creatress, authoress (of a situation), feminine form corresponding to creātor from creāt-, past participial stem of creāre + -trīx. .

Creatrix is more than just a fancy name for a female artist. She is artist plus activist.  –                  Lucy H Pearce

My life’s loves are creating and using  shared creativity as a way to build community and give people a voice. Over the years I’ve curated projects, set up groups with and worked face to face with diverse community groups, including Women’s and Activism groups, male  prisoners, Members of the Newly Arrived  and LGBTQ+ Communities including making films with young people across the Tees Valley, running art groups, and local festivals. 

I’m interested in making work that’s accessible but speaks about the things I love .. my passion for celebrating diversity,  the people I admire, plus  tea and cake ! That could be illustration or banner making, but often making with other people in whatever way I can from whatever materials I can lay my hands on, as well as curating projects where other talented artists do the same. 

 Being a bit outspoken and passionate, I’ve  been known to speak at activist events and workshops , mostly about feminist issues and body confidence, and how work with our local communities using culture and creativity can enable social change, and have many years experience in doing just that. Apart from curating projects  I still take commissions for schools and the local community, and my clients include The National Trust at Ormesby Hall. 

What now seems like many years ago, I set up
community arts company ‘SkyBlueRed’, I have provided art sessions and projects for over 1,500 local children during this time.

I also run  workshops for all ages and abilities. You can find out what workshops I currently have on offer here   I was one of the founding creative team who set up and ran local arts business and teashop SkyBlueRed Studio, moving on from the venture in Jan 2014 to return to community arts as project officer, before becoming freelance again in 2021

I sell my handmade work and illustrations online, alongside my leaf tea company at arts and craft markets, and with local independent retailers. I  often up-cycle fabrics, and am inspired by children’s book illustration, tattoos, and craftivism.

Thanks for dropping in.. have a wander about and contact me if you need more info. 

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