How To .. make a Mela Granny Mandala

Learn how to make a basic Granny Mandala, (as made for Middlesbrough Mela) below .. For extra more complicated  mandala patterns see end of page .


Materials :

DK or thinner yarn in cotton if possible in rainbow colours OR rainbow yarn, start rainbow colours with purple/violet

Tools:  Size 3.5mm Crochet Hook, Scissors

25cm wooden hoop or embroidery hoop (or larger if you have enough yarn!)

How To Start

Begin with a slip knot on your crochet hook.

Next, chain 6

Insert the needle into the first stitch you made, yarn over, pull yarn through both stitches.        (making a slip stitch) You will have made a loop of crochet stitches.

Making the First Treble Crochet Cluster

Groups of TR (Treble Crochet)  stitches are the basis of this pattern.

Each set consists of three treble stitches and a single chain.  – the ‘chain 3’ below counts as the first TR stitch to start you off

  1. Chain 3
  1. Treble (TR) 2 into centre loop
  1. Chain1  .

You should now have what looks like three TR stitches next to each other in your first group and a chain of on to separate from your next cluster

Crocheting the Second TR Cluster
  1. 3 tr stitches into the loop (the same spot where you made the other treble crochet stitches from the previous grouping but working around the loop)
  1. Chain 1.
Finishing Round One of the Granny Mandala

Repeat the previous step two more times. You should have four clusters of double crochet with a chain one space between each of them, and the last chain two hanging on the end.

To close the round and create the square shape, slip stitch into the top of the first ch 3. This ends the first round.

All those steps can sound confusing. Here’s a simplified version of the first round:

  1. Ch 3
  1. 2 tr into the centre loop
  1. Ch 1
  1. 3 tr into centre loop
  1. ​Ch 1
  1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 twice each
  1. Sl st to top of ch 3 to close round
Starting Round Two

If you wish to change colour do this now by tying new colour yarn to original yarn. Make a knot close to the last stitch you made and snip old yarn

Round Two of the Granny Square

To start round two and all other rounds, ch 3

As with the first round, this serves as the first treble crochet of the very first set

2 Trebles (TR) into this space (SP)  then chain (CH) 1

In the next space (between the next two clusters of 3 you made in the last round) – 3 TR, chain 1, 3 TR

Do this twice more. The last cluster takes you back to the the first space  -3 TR,  CH1

Slip stitch to the top of the first chain 3 to close the round. The final corner should now look like all the others.

Round two all together:

  1. Ch 3. 2 tr in same corner sp.
  1. Ch 1
  1. Working in next corner sp: 3 tr, ch 1, 3 tr, ch 1.
  1. Repeat step 3 twice.
  1. 3 tr in starting corner.
  1. Ch 1.
  1. Sl st to top of first ch 3 to close round.
Round Three

This is where things move away from squares and into a more interesting shape for your Mandala

Begin the third round the same as the previous round, changing colour as above if required

Chain 3, then make 2 tr stitches in the same space. Chain 1

Working Treble Crochet Clusters on the Side

In this round, crochet  TWO clusters of 3 TR stitches in the space on the side of the square with a chain of one between them, then chain 1

Crocheting Around the Third Round

Work into the corner with one cluster of three TR and one chain.

As you work your way around the granny square, repeat the previous steps so you get two clusters on each side and one clusters in each corner.

When you reach the last corner, which was also the starting corner, SL Stitch to close

Round three all together:

  1. Ch 3,  2 TR in same corner sp. CH1
  1. 3 TR in next ch-1 sp. CH 1, 3 TR,  CH1
  1. Working in next corner sp: 3 TR, CH1
  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 twice.
  1. 3 TR in next ch-1 sp. CH 1, 3 TR,  CH1
  1. Sl st to top of first ch 3 to close round.​
Fourth round

From now on we’ll be putting 2 clusters of 3 TR in each 1 chain space and 1 Cluster of 3 TR in each corner space

Round 4 all together:

  1. In the same  sp, Ch 3,  2 TR CH1
  1. In next ch-1 sp. 3 TR, CH 1, 3 TR,  CH1
  1. Working in next corner sp: 3 TR, CH1
  1. Repeat step 2
  1. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 twice
  1. As step 2
  1. As step 3
  1. In last ch-1 sp. 3 TR, CH 1
  1. Sl st to top of first ch 3 to close round.​
Fifth round

To make the mandala grow continue as above. Importantly, in the space between TWO clusters, (a corner cluster) crochet ONE cluster of TR 3 and this time also only one cluster in the SPACE BETWEEN any two corner clusters.

In in the other spaces put TWO clusters of TR3, remembering to add a chain of one in between each cluster you make.

  1. In same sp. Ch 3,  2 TR, CH1
  1. In next 2 spaces  3 TR, CH1
  1. In next 2 spaces  3 TR, CH1, 3 TR, Ch1
  1. In next 3 spaces 3 TR, Ch1
  1. In next 2 spaces 3 TR, CH 1, 3 TR, CH 1
  1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 twice
  1. Sl st to top of first ch 3 to close round.​
Sixth Round
  1. In same sp. Ch 3,  2 TR, CH1
  1. 3 TR, CH1 in each space all the way round
  1. SL St to the top of first Ch3 to close round


Last Round As Sixth Round

Tie off the ends, attach to embroidery hook either by stitching on or using a crochet stitch :

Hook  through edge stitch

Yarn over Hook

Pull through

Yarn over hook outside hoop

Pull through both stitches

Do this all the way round.

Use a chain stitch to create a hanging loop

 Finishing the Granny Mandala  or Growing it Larger

Or you can grow the granny square larger. With each round, you’ll have more spaces and groups of tr along each edge. Keep adding them to grow the granny as big as you want! HAVE FUN making your mandala!