Working with your hands is a fantastic way of calming your brain, creating community and positively using your time.

I have vast experience of planning workshops for large events, contracting artists and facilitating my own workshops with a wide range of attendees, from Male Prisoners to preschoolers and WI groups as well as  for big organisations such as EE and local councils. 
If  you want to learn a new skill, make something for yourself, or just enjoy being part of a community and enjoy being with others, creative workshops are the way. 
I offer my own workshops on the following themes 
  • Textile Workshops
  • Drawing and Printmaking
  • Upcycling / Eco
  • Tea Blending

for online workshops click here


Make a Teacosy

I’ll show you how to use your sewing machine to draw with! A favourite technique of Kirstie Allsopp, this is a very addictive craft and a spin on the traditional embroidery and machine work most people are familiar with. Once you’ve learned the skill of both quickly adding extra layers to your makes and stitching freely without constriction of corners and presser feet, you’ll be away! During this class, we’ll be learning the technique, looking a different ways of getting the best out of the machine, and will both decorate and make a tea cosy and a book cover which can be re-filled with a readily available notebook. This class is suitable for those who have a basic understanding of machine sewing. Please bring your own machine (we do have some so if you will need to borrow one please call to book). You’ll need the correct size free motion embroidery foot to take part if you use your own machine.

Free Motion Machine Stitching

Enjoy this addictive craft, described by Kirstie Allsopp as the ‘crack cocaine of crafting’. We’ll learn how to use your own machine , or you can use one provided, to make pictures and illustrations by drawing with needle and thread. Each week we’ll produce something different to take home, starting with a fab tea-cosy.

Craftivism, Flag and Banner Making

Craftism includes any craft used to convey a message –  from embroidering handkerchiefs to give to local politicians to full size parade banners and everything in between. Craftivism works best as a group sport, as it’s a great opportunity to plan and share activism plans and our ideals for a better world. 

Banners can also be a great way for organisations to celebrate events I such as the banner I made with The National Trust at Ormesby Hall and Pennyman Primary.

More textiles : 

Embroidery, sewing, crochet and knit,

Crochet Mandala Making ( see online classes)

Wrapped God’s Eye Mandala (see online classes)

Wet Felting and needle felting




EXPLORE a whole range of printmaking experiences, which will give you a great set of skills to go off with and make your own art and crafts.

Try mini screen prints, lino-printing or mono-printing

Drawing / Digital Drawing

Use a range of drawing techniques and basic painting skills. Learn how to use vanishing points, draw portraits and many other techniques. 

I also offer basic training for Procreate and mentoring for those wanting to use this software. 


Making new of what would otherwise be discarded helps us  worth our own small steps that help the bigger picture of caring for our planet. 

Kitchen Cupboard Books

Waste from your kitchen cupboard cereal boxes, envelopes and all manner of paper and card waste can be made into fantastic little notebooks to keep or give. Using basic bookmaking techniques, we’ll make magic from  muck! 


Eco workshops, making new items from T-shirts and fabrics, adjusting clothing and make and mend to stop a treasured garment heading to the tip. 


In collaboration with our  Sister site Whole Lot Of Rosie Tea.enter a world of luxury teas, discover new flavours and look at the eco and health benefits of Loose Leaf Tea, 

We’ll try  tasting and blending your own teas, take part in a Japanese tea ceremony and discover new flavours you didn’t think might blend perfectly with  your favourite brew.

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Want to try our classes at your venue, home or with your group? 

If you can get a minimum of 6 people together we can come to you! (current Covid 19 rules permitting)

For more info about this or future classes, email us below:

Payments and bookings :

07800 592115

Payment can be made through izettle, pingit, paypal, bank transfer. Cash payments only by arrangement. I do not take cheques.


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