Creativity for Sunny Days.

Sunny Days ..sunny days

…bring with them the promise of festivals and markets outdoors;  we have lots of events to think about at the moment.

I’m finding it more of a challenge to fit things in these days, which I will use as a handy excuse for not having posted as often as I should.  This can be most easily explained by telling you about my new role as a projects officer at arts development company ‘Tees Valley Arts’.

I have long admired the work of the organisation, and was mentored through TVA a couple of years ago, so it’s a great coup to now be part of the team. TVA have been responsible for many of the important arts events and installations in the Tees Valley area, including the environmental programme ‘Green TV’ Here’s the website for further info:

When I’m not making, doing classes or promoting the town through Totally Locally events and markets, this is where I’m at. All this extra work is wonderful , but does squeeze time, so I just need to be really organised. I find a combination of Excel, a good old Filofax and a sturdy calendar does the trick, but you can’t beat a good old list or 12, and for those I have lots of special books I have collected over the years.

Talking of squeezing time, more about those markets and workshops at festivals coming up sooner than I can believe! During both the Galtres Festival and Festival of thrift, we’ll now be doing creative workshops. Geraldine, my wonderful fellow maker and I are busy preparing lots of new work for  the markets and workshops.

You’ll find both Geraldine and I playing about with wool roving at Galtres, and making all linocampermanner of fun felted things. At The FoT, I’ll be making books from things you can find in your kitchen cupboard. (great for me with my aforementioned book obsession) My favourite is the Yorkshire Tea book; I do love my tea, so being able to make a tea themed book has to be a bonus, plus it still has that tea-leaf aroma.

You can make your own on either of the days. Also we’ll be using pre-cut lino prints so you can make your own bags and Ts at both Volkspower and Galtres…

..Handprinted tote bags and Ts .. ready for those summer days. All we need now is the sunshine.

Details of event dates are here, hope to see you there…



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