Let’s Create, Cycles Galore, Twice the Love..

Let’s Create

Time for new workshops … take a peek at the poster and see more here. The workshops are at our NOW next-door neighbour’s place, LEVEN CRAFTS… more about this later ..

apr may  creative classes

Cycles Galore

Lots of excitement and anticipation is about in Guisborough as LE TOUR YORKSHIRE passes our way on the 1st of May. Hot on the heels of last year’s stage 1 of Le Tour De France, which brought millions to the Dales and West Yorkshire , it’s our turn to welcome people from all over the world for the great race.

We are the nearest town, here in Guisborough for much of stage 1 so we have no idea as yet how many people will descend on our little corner of North East England, but with the help of Welcome to Yorkshire , we are preparing for the hoards! Look out for lots of cycle themed items being produced, and lots of blue and yellow … In the meantime , here’s the stage 1 map..

tour de yorkshire stage 1 map

Twice the Love

Maison Belle Guisborough
Maison Belle Guisborough

In October I became one of the 5 ‘Belles’ of Maison Belle in Chaloner Street, Guisborough, selling my own work and Ruby & Blue teas as well as carefully chosen cards and home wares. To say this has gone well has been an understatement, and a couple of weeks ago, we were able to double Maison Belle by taking over the newly empty shop next door!

There are handmade cushions and bunting, and lovely furniture painted in Farrow and Ball colours, from Pinky and Binky, fused glass, handmade silver jewellery and stitched art from Bean Creative, individual painstakingly painted signs by Oh, Abigail and gorgeous bags scarves and accessories, courtesy of Daisy Bloom (my lovely friend Kim, who I have been friends with for 30 yrs.

This also means our next door neighbours are Leven Crafts, (which is very handy as I run my classes there, I wonder if they’ll let me put in my own door? )

Take a peek at our pics and see what you think!

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